Together we’re doing lots of stuff. Read below or come and visit us to find out what and how you might get involved!


Ministry Development

In order to stay faithful and honest in the work God is calling us to do – and to do it well – we are keenly focussed on areas that will guide and enhance our life and mission at Good Shepherd Church:

  1. Leadership: To create a culture that inspires, nurtures and supports participation in church ministries.
  2. Outreach: To develop, create, and nurture missional and evangelical outreach initiatives locally and abroad.
  3. Communication: To build and support church ministries and administration through effective communication.
  4. Teaching: To provide sound Biblical teaching that deepens one’s knowledge of God, and equips people in all aspects of Christian life.
  5. Worship: To offer worship through music, prayer and teaching that above all honours God, is relevant to Christian living, and deepens one’s relationship with Jesus.