Vision & Values
Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Mission:


Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Equip people to grow in faith, and Share God’s love.


Our Vision:

“Inspiring people to love and serve Jesus”


Our Values:

Scripture. Scripture is the inspired and inerrant Word of God imparting news of the salvation of Jesus, and complete in instructing Christian life and character.

Worship. Worship is central to the community as the upward expression of praise, union and commitment to God, capturing Jesus as the Head of the Church.

The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the steady presence of God living within us and empowering us for a life of mission with God.

Prayer. Prayer is enabled by the Holy Spirit and is vital communication in one’s relationship with God.

Small Groups. Small groups are essential, biblical models for nurturing all aspects of faith, developing and deepening relationships, increasing knowledge of God, and inspiring growth.

Mission/Outreach. Outreach is the extension of Jesus’ compassion, mission and ministry to which the entire Church has been called.