2021-11-21 Sunday Worship “Not of This World”

When Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, encounters Jesus one misty middle-eastern morning (John 18.33-37), he has one thing in mind: the security of his realm, Caesar’s kingdom.  At the behest of the religious leaders, Jesus was arrested and Pilate is questioning him about authority.  But Jesus wants nothing to do with Caesar, and centres the conversation … Read more2021-11-21 Sunday Worship “Not of This World”

2021-10-03 Good Shepherd Sunday Worship – God’s Created Order

 In Mark’s gospel, Jesus and the disciples are in the countryside across from the Jordan river, when the Pharisees test him (again!) with a question about divorce.  Jesus doesn’t really give them what they want.  Instead he points them back in time to Genesis 2.18-24 to reflect on what it means to be the “perfect … Read more2021-10-03 Good Shepherd Sunday Worship – God’s Created Order

2021-09-26 Sunday Worship – Discipleship

When Jesus called his disciples to follow him, he was inviting them into a completely different way of life; one that challenged their understanding of faith, and challenged the typical desires of the human heart.  This week, Rev. Matthew looks at Mark 9.38-48, as Jesus continues to teach the disciples important life lessons for the … Read more2021-09-26 Sunday Worship – Discipleship