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2020 06 03 Midweek Word “God is our Refuge”

In the midst of any disaster, God has proven a faithful refuge for his people. In today’s Midweek Word, Rev. Jim looks at Psalm 46, which leads to an invitation to “be still” with God in the middle of these difficult times.

2020 05 31 Sunday Worship “Pentecost”

Happy Birthday, Church! As you know, way back when this whole pandemic began, we had hopes of celebrating Pentecost together, gathering around the Table and enjoying our time together. We’re saddened that we are not able to that today. But, as we celebrate this Pentecost in our homes, God has blessed us with a special … Read more2020 05 31 Sunday Worship “Pentecost”

Sunday Worship 2020 05 24 “Spirituality and Suffering”

How does spirituality help you in your suffering? Is it true that suffering can be a blessing? In this final lesson on our series “Faith Under Fire,” Rev Jim looks at how 1 Peter helps us find meaning and purpose in suffering.

Sunday Worship 20 05 17 “Hardships and Goodness”

Is it difficult to do good in hard times? Do you sometimes shy away from doing the right thing because it seems so heavy to do? This week, GSC teacher and Postulant, Mathew Seeram, takes us through 1 Peter 3.8-18, as we continue our Sermon Series “Faith Under Fire.” Our Reader today is Nancy Cadot. … Read moreSunday Worship 20 05 17 “Hardships and Goodness”

“Fellowship Fundamentals”- Your Midweek Word for 2020 05 14

We’ve all heard the term “fellowship” in church. It’s something we are and it’s something we do. But what makes “Christian fellowship” different from say, your friendships with your co-workers? Or your best girlfriend from school? Or your pal at the local service club? This week, Rev. Jim narrows in on what it means to … Read more“Fellowship Fundamentals”- Your Midweek Word for 2020 05 14

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