2021-02-28 Sunday Worship for Lent 2 – “Commit”

The Bible continually warns us of the dangers of listening to false teachers.  It is a good warning for us today, too.  There is a false Gospel out there, teaching that your faith means you deserve all the riches in the world that God has to offer.  This prosperity Gospel feeds on our desire for an easy-going, … Read more2021-02-28 Sunday Worship for Lent 2 – “Commit”

2021-02-07 Sunday Worship “Purpose”

What is the true purpose of the Church?  Fellowship?  Outreach? Worship? Community engagement?  Astronomical attendance?  Programs?  All these things are good, but are they the actual purpose of our existence as a community?  This week, Rev Jim unpacks Matthew 28.18-20 to reveal the real reason Good Shepherd St. Catharines exists. (Hint… it’s none of the above.) 

2021-01-31 Sunday Worship “Trust”

When you are called to have faith in God, you’re not being invited into a shaky relationship.  You’re committing to the firm reliability and strength of Jesus and putting your trust in someone who is reliable and honest; benevolent and steadfast.  Someone who is far greater and trustworthy than anyone else you’ve ever known. How can … Read more2021-01-31 Sunday Worship “Trust”