Church Services

Good Shepherd Church in St. Catharines, ON provides you with avenues to keep you actively engaged in your faith. From spiritually enhancing weekly services to peaceful meditations in our sanctuary, you will always be taking another step closer to God.

Sunday Gathering

Good Shepherd Church’s Sunday gathering is our main weekly service and a celebration of the Holy Communion. Our service is based on traditional elements (known to lifelong Anglicans as BCP) that are expressed in today’s language. The services we celebrate consist of life-changing preaching as well as a blend of traditional and contemporary worship.

Sunday School

Good Shepherd provides Sunday School every Sunday during the church service. Enroll you children in our Sunday School sessions. Take part in educational activities and discussions that are centered on our faith in Jesus.

Embrace the Silence

Achieving a state of harmony and tranquility is an effective way of getting closer to Jesus. Discover your inner peace and strengthen your spirituality by spending a few moments in our sanctuary.

Building Relationships

After every regular Sunday service, you will have the opportunity to have spirited interactions with your fellow churchgoers. Engage in pleasant and insightful conversations over refreshments, and start establishing special bonds with the people in our community.

Become a regular participant in our weekly celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Join our community today! Call us at 905-934-9672 for more information on our services.