2021-04-25 Sunday Worship “The Good Shepherd”

We’ve all needed some guidance in our lives every now and then… directions to a particular place, instructions for an unfamiliar task.  When we think of Jesus as a Shepherd in our lives, we often think of him the same way.  It’s true that Jesus’s life and commandments set us on a path of living good, holy … Read more2021-04-25 Sunday Worship “The Good Shepherd”

2021-04-11 Sunday Worship – Jesus Resurrected

When the disciples were in doubt after seeing the empty tomb, Jesus didn’t leave them hanging. He came to them in their doubt and shared breakfast with them, assuring them vividly that he is indeed alive, in the flesh. Rev. Mathew walks us through one of these encounters: Luke 24.36-49, relating to us these same assurances that … Read more2021-04-11 Sunday Worship – Jesus Resurrected

2021-03-28 Sunday Worship “Palm Sunday”

Jesus enters Jerusalem amidst royal fanfare, with an enthusiastic crowd cherishing their new king.  But Jesus’ kingship is of a style that was unheard of in those days and completely unexpected.   Rev Mathew opens up our Epistle reading this week, Philippians 2.5-11, to discover three astounding characteristics that makes Jesus the greatest king of all!  

2021-03-07 Sunday Worship – Lent 3 – “Heaven”

Jesus is confronted by the religious leaders after he storms through the temple court, overturning tables and chasing out the merchants.  It’s quite a chaotic and dramatic scene and we can sometimes be enthralled by the drama, while pointing our fingers at the objects of Jesus’ ire.  But there is a better takeaway from this … Read more2021-03-07 Sunday Worship – Lent 3 – “Heaven”

2021-02-28 Sunday Worship for Lent 2 – “Commit”

The Bible continually warns us of the dangers of listening to false teachers.  It is a good warning for us today, too.  There is a false Gospel out there, teaching that your faith means you deserve all the riches in the world that God has to offer.  This prosperity Gospel feeds on our desire for an easy-going, … Read more2021-02-28 Sunday Worship for Lent 2 – “Commit”