2021-09-19 Sunday Worship: True Greatness

Today, greatness is defined and measured by size, skill, achievement, wealth, power.  Greatness is gain, always looking ahead to bigger, better, faster, stronger.   Frankly, for the average person like you and me, the pursuit of greatness is daunting and impossible. But what is “true greatness”?  Should we even pursue it? Can we really achieve it?  … Read more2021-09-19 Sunday Worship: True Greatness

2021-09-12 Sunday Worship – Struggling Faith

Faith can be a fragile thing.  At times we are absolutely sure about our faith; it is unwavering and exemplary.  But at other times, our faith can be jarred loose by circumstances and events in our lives, or things we’ve read or heard.  This week, Pastor Jim looks at Mark 9.14-29 and one man’s struggle with … Read more2021-09-12 Sunday Worship – Struggling Faith

2021-08-08 Sunday Worship – New Life in an Old World

 We are experiencing tensions in our society the likes of which we haven’t see before in our lifetime.  When you look out at the world do you notice the conflict, the differences of opinion, the growing divisions in our culture, and wonder why everyone seems so divisive and confused?  Well, it’s no accident.  This week, … Read more2021-08-08 Sunday Worship – New Life in an Old World

2021-07-04 Sunday Worship “Sufficient Grace”

You’ve probably used the phrase “thorn in my side” to describe someone or something that constantly annoys you or causes problems. The expression originates in the Bible and comes from the Apostle Paul. We aren’t completely sure what this thorn of Paul’s might be, but we know that it had caused difficulty for Paul. Rev. … Read more2021-07-04 Sunday Worship “Sufficient Grace”