2021-07-04 Sunday Worship “Sufficient Grace”

You’ve probably used the phrase “thorn in my side” to describe someone or something that constantly annoys you or causes problems. The expression originates in the Bible and comes from the Apostle Paul. We aren’t completely sure what this thorn of Paul’s might be, but we know that it had caused difficulty for Paul. Rev. … Read more2021-07-04 Sunday Worship “Sufficient Grace”

2021 06 27 Sunday Worship – Faith, Hope, Redemption

Can you recall a time when you were in a state of profound helplessness? Perhaps triggered by a fear, or illness, loneliness? The self-help gurus of today would invite you to just tap into your inner self to find peace. Or just rid yourself of toxic people and hang around with people that are nicer to … Read more2021 06 27 Sunday Worship – Faith, Hope, Redemption

2021 06 20 Sunday Worship “Storms”

No matter how much culture changes around us, the nature of the Christian call remains the same:  live a life of holiness, and endure suffering. But what happens when so-called storms hit and our lives, hearts and minds are tossed about under disordered and chaotic circumstances?  This week, Rev Jim recounts the disciples’ encounter with a storm … Read more2021 06 20 Sunday Worship “Storms”

2021-06-06 Sunday Worship – The Repentant Church

This past week, the nation was shocked to learn of the discovery of the buried remains of 215 children at a former residential school in Kamloops, BC. We can sometimes think that the things of the past are past.  But when evidence surfaces, like the discovery of the unmarked graves, suddenly the past is all brought forward … Read more2021-06-06 Sunday Worship – The Repentant Church

2021-05-30 Sunday Worship “New Birth”

“Turn over a new leaf.”  Chances are, you’ve heard that saying before.  It means, “to start to act or behave in a better or more positive and responsible way;” to “start over;” to “make a new start.”  Some Christians think of their faith that way.  They say that it gives them a “fresh start”, a “positive change” … Read more2021-05-30 Sunday Worship “New Birth”

2021 05 23 Sunday Worship – Pentecost “The Helper”

There’s a new term going around called “internet influencer.”  It’s used  liberally to describe popular internet bloggers and commentators who are said to have an impact on pubic thought and discourse. The more popular a blogger, the more influential he/she becomes.  But Christians have the ultimate influencer, who is not very popular among the masses, … Read more2021 05 23 Sunday Worship – Pentecost “The Helper”