Holy Communion Returns

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 @ 9am

Over the past few months, we have suspended the administration of Holy Communion at the directive of our Diocesan Bishop.  However, recently these restrictions have been lifted.  Consequently, GSC will commence Services of Holy Communion Sunday September 13, 2020 (online Services will continue). 

At the moment, in order to reduce risk potential, we will administer Communion only once a month until further notice (alternating biweekly with our Service of Morning Prayer), fitting into our service schedule of every second week. 

It will be such a delight to gather around the Lord’s Table again to celebrate in communion together. 

Although all the important liturgical elements will be there, there are temporary changes to the way Communion will be administered.  Here’s a link explaining our Protocol for Communion as well as links to an our Best Practices Policy, and your weekly Self-Assessment.  It addresses specifically how we will administer Holy Communion and who will be affected by our current modification to the Communion Service.

Click Here for Our Policy and Protocol for Holy Communion Services
Click Here for our Best Practices Policy for Sunday Worship
Click Here for the Required Self-Assessment